Our mission is to build value for business and benefits for life, simplify the filing process by filling out all of the tax forms, developing your budget, handling IRS questions, assisting in the development in the tax time, prepare client tax returns timely and avoided client tax commission penalties and fines. The goal is research the applicable tax law and successful appeal new client tax commission penalties and fines resulting in client cost savings.


We are analytical self-starter and personable business strategist, excellent at establishing productive long term client relationships, extensive accounting, business and tax consulting experience.


The Accounting firm has developed well received consulting proposals for new and existing clients which increased firm billables, built and managed long term client relationships and accounts, including enhancing the client experience on engagements.


The Accounting firm has provided client tax advisory services which included how multi-national companies should be structured from a tax perspective to minimize taxes owed resulting in significant client savings, consulting projects in accordance with the relevant regulatory.

Others Available Services

  • Preparing application for Exempt Status.
  • Assisting in Tax preparation.
  • Formulating Budget Proposal.
  • Drafting Mission Statement and Purpose Execution.
  • Completing Registration with NYS Charities Bureau.
  • Processing Applications for Property Tax Exemptions.
  • Filing Exemption from NYS Sales & Corporation Franchise Tax.

NYSE Listing Requirements

To list on the NYSE, a company needs to have at least 400 shareholders and 1.1 million shares outstanding. Its share price must be a minimum of $4.00, and the market value of its publicly held shares must be at least $40 million—or $100 million for transfers and certain other listings.